A Blessed Friday Night

By: gmacomics

Aug 10 2008

Category: FOOD


last friday was a blast for me and my friends. why? during that night my friend jovan and I were driving along al khalid street to buy something then we were invited on a dinner roll at tandoor house restaurant near where we were. parked at the back of the restaurant we went inside the restaurant and found lavarias family with kuya andy and kuya james.

the restaurant was quite a small area for a family restaurant but sure was cosy and inviting. they had this curtains cut in columns formed to meet in a certain point making it a cyclindrical triangular cone tent-like. the funny part was the talk about the bottles of spices and ingredients placed on a shaft adding to the interior design of the place which we find inapropriate. well so much for the venue, upon arriving we noticed ate raqs and kuya james peeping at a two way glass and at the end you can see all the cooks and assistant busy preparing all the orders as if they were on a show and the glass with a one way mirror never noticing whose watching them cook, prepare and serve the dishes. the great part of the show was the cooking part of the two chinese head cook. that time they were cooking kuya jame’s order, pancit.  these were one of the many specialties in this restaurant. i even remember what jame’s description of the taste of this pancit was compare to some restaurant cooking the same dish. he said there was this like distinct yummy taste of crispiness and a little toast in it that you won’t find in any pancit. they are chinese, inventors of noodles of course it must be delicious! , my thoughts exactly. so we watch how they cook our order and were amazed at how they can easily flip flop the pan irregardless of its weight and colossal description. so the order went only for about 10minutes as we watched in great awe then we felt a little uneasiness not because of the humidity of the environment but because we were already starving that time. who would’nt be? after seeing the pancit being cooked, most probably all those little friends in your stomach will be shouting shouting for sustenance. hehehe.

and so we sat down awaiting for the pancit and the rest kuya james ordered. of course seeing the rest of the dishes made my mouth watery so i grab first a quarter of the spring roll and munch away. then went on through the rest of the dishes until i stumbled upon the pancit. yes they were all very delicious especially the pancit thats is why the table was like run down by a hurricane. while eating, the conversation was still about food which i find ironic but a healthy one. hehehehe.

but this was not yet the end of the evening. we decided to went on for dessert since we had a great dinner so might as well continue with a spectacular dessert. we finalized haagen daaz as a special treat that night. we went to haagen daaz corniche near costa coffee and ordered upstairs with a lot of different flavors. there were choco emotions for uber cuteness samuel, brownies special for zener, 3 scoops ala carte of tiramisu, midnight chocolate cookies and cream, and praline sprinkled with chocolate hot fudge sauce with whipped cream for me, 2 scoops of banana and chocolate for kuya james and 3scoops of i forgot the flavors for kuya andy shared by kuya jovan.

sam's delight

sam and his ice cream

sam and his ice cream

 samuel during that time was the center of attraction. he was lively that time probably energized by the smoothness and creaminess of the ice cream he was eating. even had the toast of water in a glass as a finale for his ice cream treat which we find adorable for a small kid.

brownies special

brownies special

after the dessert treat we even joke for another round of treat but this time the end point of the food trip, tea break. for me its all good. what i need is rest and a little visit to someone. 

my choice

my choice

choose your ice cream

choose your ice cream

if your not into ice cream

if your not into ice cream


so i think thats the about it. surely it was a blessed friday night after all. hope we can repeat it next week.by the way sorry for the crappy pics. i only used my cellphone.




11 comments on “A Blessed Friday Night”

  1. bRo…he he sa ulitin…God Bless

  2. wow very enticing yung ice cream.. hehehe!!! yummy!!!

  3. …hi!! hmmm…ahhh…ish! di ako makapagcomment in english!!nyahahaha!joke!!
    …haagen daaz is good, but i like baskin robins better…meron din ba jan?=) ginutom tuloy ako.

  4. Oh no! Now I’m craving and it’s all because of this post hehehe:) Yummy ice cream, I think I’m going to have a scoop later:)

  5. make that two scoops:)

  6. har har har. super as in! kinakain ko na nga tinatakam pa rin ako. pti nung naubos parang gusto ko pa. hahaha.

  7. sommer masarap din ang baskin robbins lalo na ung baked sweetened cone nila tapos praline or caramel flavor. astig! hehehe

  8. Hi ,
    Hello ,
    Nice to meet you and everyone
    Have a nice time to you and your family everytime

  9. **drooling**

  10. pare ang sarap! panalo yan ah!

  11. joycee, want some? hehehe

    potski, punta ka dito treat kita haagen dust. hahahaha.

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