Somewhere in the MIDDLE

By: gmacomics

Aug 06 2008

Category: living the dust


Have you ever heard of the song somewhere in the middle by dishwalla? Really digging that band and their hit single unfortunately I just don’t like when I am in that situation literally speaking like being stuck in the middle.

Yesterday we got stranded once again in the middle of the desert. I even cant remember how many times it happened to us waiting for rescue hitching us on another bus. It just keeps coming when there is a new driver they keep giving a bus they knew wont last for 2 hours ride. I mean its not the fault of the bus driver but how come its always the new driver that keeps getting these buses. Well they shouldn’t be using this bus in the first place if they knew it has a problem. I was thinking it was like an initiation thing for new drivers.

Good thing we stopped in a gasoline station still in the middle of the desert.  I asked the driver if I could just drop by the comfort room and he told me its no big deal since another bus will be coming in about an hour.

What?!!! Are you kidding me? My thoughts. Of course I wouldn’t want to add more pressure to the driver. He was busy looking for the problem in the engine at the back so I just hurled myself and went to the toilet. Since 1 hour is kinda  long enough, I went to a store and bought some snacks. Then I went back and continued  watching lost season 4. Its already 7pm and still the “rescue”  bus has not arrived yet and everybody was getting worried if we are still going to get to our destination. Its kinda hard thinking that these guys after a 2 hours ride from al hassa to dammam will still go for about an hour ride to their homes so I cant blame them for what they are irking about.

As for me I need to go home by 7pm since I have a practice session with the music ministry I have in church and it just keeps getting better, the bus we are into shut down. Everybody was so mad now not just because of the long wait but they were also uncomfortable on their seat.  What would you expect when there is no a/c working. I didnt mind them probably because I was s o busy watching and eating besides I think im used to it already though sometimes it gets me irritated, I still manage to get my temper below level.

Just when I was about to finish episode 14, then the “rescue bus” came. Everybody jumped to their seats and hurried to the bus. So much for the wait i thought, everybody wants to go home and rest and same goes for me.

I just hope the bus company in case they will be giving the bus they think cannot go on a 2 hours mileage, they should bring in a more experience driver having mechanical skills so all of us will stick to our time and be home as early as possible may it be going home or going to another place.

Oh well what can I do, this is not our country and this is a kingdom and I was not able to catch up with the jam sessions. Arrrgh…


5 comments on “Somewhere in the MIDDLE”

  1. pre parang naaalala ko nung nasa ABS pa tayo, kapag naghihintay ng rescue… parang more than one hour yung wait.. ehehehehe.. but it is a shame you didn’t get to your jam session, ingat jan pre… makinis ka pa naman… hihihi

  2. Not yet but I’ll check it out later. I’ve only heard the band’s Angels or Devils courtesy of Smallville:)

  3. i think they also have a song entitled angels or devils. anyways they’re a great band though its alternative i think you’ll like it sonnetshaven. hehehe

  4. aaaysh.. sayang… d bale next tym nalang po kayo magpakitang gilas… hehehe!!!

  5. lolz. para kay Lord yun yhen kya i owe him my talent. hehehe

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