Steaming HOT and Freezing COLD

By: gmacomics

Aug 05 2008

Category: living the dust


Saudi Arabia has been known for its location on world geography as one of the countries “near the sun.” Basically it only means the temperature here reaches up to 50 degrees up and its freaking hot out here. presently it is summer here and the temperature reading has reached its maximum up to 52 degrees outside. this is why a lot of people doesnt like to go outside during noontime.

the temperature here is extreme. during summer you can almost feel like the sun is near you and during cold season, reaches up to 0 degrees. riyadh which is the capital of the country reported to have snow last year but didnt last long. unfortunately i wasnt able to experience it here in al ahsa, eastern part of the kingdom. though there was no snow falling still you can feel the chill around 9-5 degrees temperature. 

summer in saudi arabia usually comes from april till august while cold or i may say winter on september till march. the main problem people here usually encounter during the change of season, sandstorm. at first i thought it was kinda cool seeing sandstorm probably because its my first time that time. honestly speaking, not cool at all. its like your in the middle of a tornado only this time its sand. no raindrops, just wind and the sand. this are the times people are prone to car accidents while driving. so better stay at home if there is nothing important to attend to.

fog cause this on the road to abqaiq

right now september is coming, i must prepare enough blankets to keep the chill out of me and some thick garments to support my daily travel from house to work. i hope it snows in here as well. havent experience this one before. hehe.


14 comments on “Steaming HOT and Freezing COLD”

  1. helo po, thanks. nakita ko site ko sa blogroll nyo!!wow!:):):). cge po add ko din kayo…kaya lang po hindi ako ako marunong. hintayin ko lng pong magicing IT support ko….:)shukran po:)

  2. hi lush. nice to see you around. sige ok lang. take time lang po. tambay din naman ako sa lounge mo eh. hehe.

  3. oo nga last year nabalitaan ko ngang may snow daw sa middle east. dito sa area namin sa alemanya, minsan lang din mag snow e. mild winter kumbaga. aakyat din kami ng bundok para talagang makapag sledding 🙂 pero alam mo, iba ang feeling ng makakita ng snow, pramis

  4. ang iniiiiit!!!! yan din ang sabi ng besfren ko sa dubai 🙂

  5. oo nga eh kengkay. pag nagsnow ulit dito byahe ako 3 hours papuntang riyadh para lang maexperience ko. hahaha.

    dhangski, korek! ganun kainit ngayon sa middle east. ang sakit sa bumbunan. kaya nagkuuklong nalang ako sa ofis ko basa basa na lang ng blogs. hahaha.

  6. Uso naman ang heater at aircon sa mga bahay dyan? Na-experience ko kse sa macau hinde standard ang heater, kya last january mga 6 deg ang lamig grabe sa bahay feeling mo nasa labas ka pa din at ang hirap bumangon sa kama… awww

  7. hahaha, korek vhincent! kaya minsan gusto ko n alang magkulong sa bahay pero kokaboring din minsan kaya no choice para malibang punta ng mga malls.. hahahaha.

  8. did u get the file? kamusta naman? 🙂

  9. dhangski got it pero dito kasi sa ofis photoshop 7 eh sa bahay ko sya gawin tsaka kukuha muna ako ng isang shot sa labas then ill give it a try. hehehe…

    thanks nga pala.

  10. anytime 🙂

  11. wow, extreme temperatures. i never knew it gets that cold in there.

  12. yup kat it really is hot and will be cold here. thanks for dropping by!

  13. Extemes pala dyan:) If it’s hot, it’s super hot and when it’s cold icy cold naman hehe:) It’s a good thing you were able to adjust to the weather.

  14. ei sonnetshaven yup hirap sa umpisa pero ok na ngayon. hehehe.

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