When DIET becomes hard to CONTROL…

By: gmacomics

Aug 04 2008

Category: FOOD


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just when you are about to finally complete your week with a diet control program, then a celebration comes in. a big party with lots of food served and catered in front of you. i notice, this is the time when a lot of people on diet crumbles down and give in to their craving, food. well not speaking all of them because if your really serious in dieting then probably the first thing you do in situations like these is hide. hehehe.

last saturday we celebrated the special day of our brethren kuya jimmy who turned…uhmm i forgot the age. anyways it was also the 2nd year aniversary of the gathering of bachelor’s Bible study group. so it was a double celebration and everybody is coming. there were lot of trays on top of the table covered with foil when i arrived from work.  

birthday celebrant, jimmy

so lets go on the food roster.. on a long table were served sweet and sour fish, fried chicken, pakbet ilocano, afritada manok, pansit bihon, steamed fish, lumpiang shanghai, and refrigerated cake. dont ask why theres no pig meat (baboy) because it is forbidden here in saudi, actually for “baboy” lovers it costs around 6 times the original price of the “baboy.” imagine that!!

steamed fish

steamed fish

i can’t blame those on diet who turned their backs on the program. why? almost every week birthdays are constantly held here and almost every day there is an event especially on weekends. this is one of the pastime here in saudi, EATING!!

iced tea courtesy of markee

iced tea courtesy of markee

there are few people here who still stand with their principle when it comes to diet and i salute them for that. i think its up to you if you think you want to give in to your cravings then do so, after all its still us whose responsible for our own health. just dont tell me your on diet when you are holding a big mac and a large softdrinks on your hand. its a hypocritical statement, right. hehehe.  

party food

party food

now a legend

now a legend

i wasnt able to take pictures the rest of the food just because i am starving that time. also had the time to take some pictures after i finished. here are the rest of those who attended.

the bereans

the bereans

the adorable sam

the adorable sam



next week i think there is another celebrant. oh well good thing im not on diet. for one reason because there s nothing to burn in my body. one tip for those on diet: do not go to parties. hehehe.


14 comments on “When DIET becomes hard to CONTROL…”

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  2. tama yan paremoy.. pag diet, wag umattend ng party! ehehehehe

  3. hahahaha. oo nga. pero pre bilib ako sa u, laki talag ng nawala na fats sa iyo. natural na natural ang pagbawas ng weight mo. ang laking improvement. hahahaha.

  4. kulang pa pare.. sa december kailangan yummy na ako… kailangan ito! ehehehe thanks pre!

  5. hahahaha. papa yummy? di ba si paremoy ricky yun ni mardykoy?! hahahahaha.

  6. si darwin yung delicious, ikaw yung yummy, si ricky yung crunchy, ako yung papaitan.. eheheheheheh

  7. hahahaha. naalala mo pa yun? ur so malufet! hahahaha.

  8. of course! eheheeehehehe

  9. ito po tlg ang mahrap eh kung kelan umiiwas ka sa food saka nmn lumalapit ang food.. ehhe!!!

  10. oo kaya kung nagdiet ka wag kang atend parties ha yhen. hahaha.

  11. wowww! astig nito ah! kudos to you bro! enewey, masarap talaga kumain lalo na pag ganitong may kasamang inihaw na dyesebel na hain ni jovanskee..(di ko na naabutan) at iced tea ni markee na puno ng lemon na hindi nahugasan..hehehe…sarap! syempre, pag sa saudi, given na talaga na #1 hobby natin ay ang kumain. #2, chumibog, at #3, lumamon! hahahaha! 🙂

  12. hahahaha. andoks totoo yan. kain lang ng kain! hahaha. teka kaya pala mapait ung ice tea. hahahaha.

  13. It’s ok to eat basta may kasamang exercise:) I don’t believe in crash diet, nakakasira ng ulo ‘yon:)

  14. ilang taon ko nang pangarap ang magkaroon ng disiplina sa pagda-diet… at tanggap ko na rin na hanggang pangarap na lang siya. hehe.

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