Rants and Raves

By: gmacomics

Aug 02 2008

Category: living the dust


speaking of rants and raves. i think the common thing that people talk about when they speak of rants and raves is going back to work after two short days of weekend.

here in saudi, thursday and friday would be the weekends. the only problem of having weekends here, boutiques on malls starts at 4pm so people only get out of their houses in the afternoon. up to know i honestly dont know the reason why they start off at 4pm while in other places business is 24/7.  only fast food stores are open from morning till evening. not to mention they have 5 times a day prayer so all of them will be close which leave us doing nothing wasting our time on malls. well so much for malls here.. here are some of my rants and raves i thought of.. 


rants: back to work and my colleague is on vacation so im all alone.

raves: i am enjoying my job. its a lot but i can manage.

rants: what a short weekend

raves: had a blast and great day this weekend

rants: was about to buy a bag for laptop when i ran out os stock

raves: left me buying a better bag

rants: wasnt able to eat kare kare

raves: had quality time with someone

rants: slept 11pm which is late coz im waking up 5am in the morning

raves: great morning today and im alive. hehehe



how bout you, what are your rants and raves?


6 comments on “Rants and Raves”

  1. rants: slept 11pm which is late coz im waking up 5am in the morning

    raves: great morning today and im alive. hehehe

    ayos to pare.. ganyan din minsan ang naiisip ko pag gising ko sa umaga…

  2. hehehe. para maganda ang gising at panimula.hehe

  3. rants: we’ll its back to work again, I don’t like my work anymore

    rave: good thing there’s a typhoon today didn’t go the office.. hehe

    Hey thanks for adding our link 🙂 will add your link to ours

  4. rants: Monday
    raves: Friday

  5. no problemo vhincent. kakaaliw nga ung site nyo magasawa eh. updated sa chismis sa showbiz. hahaha

    sonnet, rave friday dahil gimik day? hahaha.

  6. Hahaha! Noon gano’n ang sa isip ko pag Friday. Ngayon, rave sya kasi weekend follows at mahaba ang oras with the family:)

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