An Inspirational Video

By: gmacomics

Aug 01 2008

Category: sound proof


just woke up this morning.. its already 11 in the morning and my body is still numb. i wanted to get back to sleep but i chose not to instead i jump off my bed and went to my morning routine. getting up is one of my everyday battle but this time it was not like the other days. i feel refreshed. after my morning routine i dialled a number and called someone.

it was only 6 hours of sleep. i remember the last thing i did before my eyes shut was watching lost season 4 episode 7. it was already quarter to 5am and i still want to go on with the rest of the episodes. well for one, the season is very inviting as if you wanted to watch the whole season in just one sitting. i remember the prisonbreak days. good thing the lates season is not yet on. or is it? well to move along, i manage to secure myself in a good sleeping position so i turned off my ipod and shut my eyes.

it was a long evening.. my brethrens in church here in rakah did the same thing. we had an overnight intercessory prayer meeting. we started off around 11pm and finsihed with a great morning breakfast, arrozcaldo to be specific. we had a blast doing the programme from evening till morning and all of us, around 30+, were wide awake listening to the presenters. one of the speakers spoke about God being our healer and he is our head pastor of Emmanuel. it was a great message and also with the rest of the speakers. it was very informative and inpiring to know different attributes of God being our provider, healer, victory, etc.

one video presented caught my attention and it was very inspiring to know how faith was being exercised as a form of worship by this guy. the name is mike and i cant even pronounce the last name ryt. you can see it in the video though.  its very heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time….

this is mike and his story. the next video present the actual live performance while the oxygen still connected on him declaring he’s been healed.

now tell me are you still hurt with your current sickness?


2 comments on “An Inspirational Video”

  1. That is what I call unconditional faith:) Mike’s story is very inspiring.

  2. yup he really is.

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